As the most elite expert in your space, you are meant for MORE. You are meant to be Iconic.

Commanding the highest prices and deals.
Speaking at the most sought-after events.
Prominently featured in the most influential media.
Creating partnerships and commercial opportunities that make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.
Holding the most prominent board and advisory positions. 
Magnetizing your audience to create multi-generational impact. 
Icons Incorporated hand-selects the most elite experts and personal brands on the planet to transform them into global superstars, trailblazers, empire-buildIng ICONS.

Our extraordinary team represents our iconic clients on the global stage, creating speaking, media, partnership, and commercial opportunities that you have dreamed of.

If you are here, you are one of the invited few. It is my intention that working with us in will bring your dreams to life. It will be hard work. It will be challenging. It will be life-changing.

 Are you ready to join me?

- Kathryn

Founder/CEO of Icons Incorporated

An Iconic Perspective on Impact

When the most elite entrepreneurs and experts want to launch their personal brand into the stratosphere, Icons Incorporated is the agency they link arms with.

Working with some of the most exciting, maverick personal brands on the planet, Icons Incorporated specializes in business strategy, marketing, and commercialization strategy that gets extraordinary results.

Icons Incorporated's clients charge BOLD prices, they create IMPACTFUL transformations, and they DISRUPT niches and markets. They’re the mavericks. The believers. The pioneers. The true influencers. The ones who will change the world.

Many entrepreneurs are missing out on the opportunity to create millions in brand alignment strategies, sponsorships, and influencer campaigns. Icons Incorporated specializes not only in representing our iconic clients to amplify their messaging and brand, we also commercialize influence like no other company on the planet.

We are the co-pilot in your disruptive legacy.
Creating massive wealth and impact for generations to come.

Icons Incorporated represents the most elite experts in the world to become the Icon in their space. To be the most revered and influential authority in their niche, magnetizing their genius to achieve multi-generation impact and wealth.

Icons Incorporated specializes in fourteen ways to commercialize your influence. It is not our intention to have you use every one of these strategies. We will devise a unique combination of these for your goals.

Here are the commercialization opportunities we specialize in:

  • $100K+ Coaching, Consulting and Agency offers
  • $100K+ Events, Workshops and Retreats
  • ​Partnerships, Joint Ventures
  • Courses, Digital Products Sponsorships
  • Books and Publishing Opportunities
  • ​​Speaking Opportunities
  • ​​TV, Media and PR for explosive growth and visibility
  • Media, Content and Advertising Divisions
  • Personal Brand Endorsements, Brand Alignment
  • Campaigns, Influencer Campaigns
  • ​Leveraging Your IP, Certifications and Licensing
  • P​roducts, Retail and Wholesale
  • Board and Advisory Positions
  • Investments, Acquisitions and Assets

Our team is extremely well-versed in researching, identifying and negotiating amplification and commercialization opportunities for our iconic clients.


Alongside your Commercialization Strategy, Icons Incorporated will also work with you on your Iconic personal brand. Utilizing a Luxury Brand strategy, Icons Incorporated creates Icons who are using their full gifts and genius.

We are known in the industry for creating Icons who not only command luxury-level pricing, but also who finally step into their most potent messaging, powerful style, and easily attract their most perfect clients. The results of our work has been staggering and life-changing.

Experts who had dumbed down their messaging to win a mainstream audience start to attract dream luxury clients. Authors and speakers who had struggled for years to connect their message to their deepest impact are achieving dream media, speaking gigs and are achieving the potent impact they have only been dreaming of for years.

We will work with you on your revolutionary messaging, your brand representation and style. The Iconic Empire Agency team amplifies this message for you by representing you to the world through hypertargeting, media and speaking representation.

In parallel with your Commercialization Strategy, you have a two-pronged approach to creating potent impact and your disruptive legacy.




Strategic Planning Intensive
Global Strategic Research + Planning
Iconic Empire Blueprint + Strategic Recommendations


Iconic Brand Development
Iconic Website Design and Development
Iconic Photo Shoot
Iconic Positioning and Messaging


Global Publicity Management
Global Speaker Management
Commercialization of Icon Management
Media and Speaker Coaching


Commercialization of Icon Management Globally
Hypertargeting Strategy


Representation is a six figure investment.  We can work with you on a revenue share or investment basis once we have an established relationship.


Kathryn Porritt


Kathryn Porritt CEO

Kathryn is the leading Luxury Business Strategist in the world for personal brands. If entrepreneurs want to know how to create and sell $100K, $250K and million dollar offers, they work with Kathryn to achieve this.

More than a Business Strategist, Kathryn has a background in entrepreneurship herself, having founded and run two multi-million dollar global companies, authored a book with Penguin-Viking and revolutionized luxury branding and marketing with her Intentional Marketing and Hypertargeting processes.

Kathryn helps her clients create a full ecosystem of offers including Premium packages, passive offers and leveraged offers, as well as supporting them to create massive impact through their speaking, media, networking and publishing opportunities.

“I am comfortably landing $100K clients now and have everything from packages for the little guys up to our luxury packages at $250K+.

The media and engagements we are now landing are incredible and I know there is even more to come. 

The outreach that is happening, the introductions to strategic partners, and the strategy for our long-term future... it is all very, very exciting.

Kathryn, the confidence you have in me, who I am and what I'm capable of, the reassurance that I "have the chops", is so special. It's truly a very different place to think and feel from, thank you.

I can see our financial future AND being heart-centered, being of service people we are, actually having our dreams come into reality. We are very grateful, thank you.


“Kathryn is the best marketing mind that I have ever worked with in 25 years of running businesses.

She helped us increase our sales by over 50% versus last year with a luxury strategy so far in just 6 months. By the time our sales are done for the year, I expect our sales performance to exceed 100%.

We were stuck in the mud in terms of desired growth, only emphasizing social media campaigns. Kathryn did this with her focused approach on our avatar customer and creative marketing strategies we actually felt great about, rather than asking us to raise our game on social media platforms.

Super refreshing after years of getting the opposite advice from marketing firms that could not move the needle.

We are going to make LOTS of money together.”


“I sold $250k in the first few weeks of starting. I am confident that I'm going to create about 2 million this year and that's the safe bet.

Before this, I was really challenged with not seeing how I could create the level of impact and support for others in a way that can be scalable. I had a great program, but the way I was operating it the effect of it would be lessened.

I live my life for expansion and that's what I offer to my clients. So it only made sense to me that I would partner up with someone who also is for expansion and and taking things tothe next to the next level.

If someone is on the fence about whether or not Luxury Influencers is for them, I really encourage them to look at who they are and who they see themselves becoming. If they see that they're on this trajectory of really being an innovator, a pioneer, a maverick and having a desire to create transformation, not only for their clients but also in our society, then show up here. The possibilities are endless.”


“Kathryn completely reframed my mindset. She said, "Andrea, your ideal clients are not looking for a deal. They're looking for you. They want you and they want you to deliver atthe highest level." And just that switch in my mindset was life-changing.

Now, I sell easily at $100,000 because at $100K I know my team and everybody gets paid and we produce at the highest level.

But it’s more than that, I have the time and space to create and innovate and be truly present with each client.

Now miraculously, the people who have shown up to work with me, not one of them has asked me for a deal or discount. Million Dollar offers here we come!”


Ready to Apply?

Ready to Apply?

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