Join the waitlist to work with Icons Incorporated and Kathryn Porritt
The rare and uncommon become Iconic and build their Empires under Kathryn’s careful watch.

Join the waitlist to work with Icons Incorporated and Kathryn Porritt
The rare and uncommon become Iconic and build their Empires under Kathryn’s careful watch.
Those who have the chance to work with Kathryn experience extraordinary change, creativity, and growth – in business, in wealth, and in their legacies. Kathryn works privately with a select group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and experts to launch their Iconic brand into the stratosphere. She offers private personal branding services, mentoring and intensives, as well as commercialization coaching. Icons Inc., Kathryn’s agency represents elite entrepreneurs and founders to commercialize their influence at an empire level.

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"The Best in the Marketing Business"
I've been in business for 27 years I've never seen a better marketer than Kathryn. I've enjoyed every minute of working with her. I feel like I'm in very, very good hands and quite frankly marketing is not an area that I find very blissful, so it's very nice to hand it off to somebody who does. Kathryn has been just a godsend for me, for sure.

Eric Lochtefeld

"1M in two offers - done!"
“My original dream was to have a Family Office. This is accelerating now into reality. In the last two weeks, we have signed TWO clients at $500K each. So, we've just secured $1M in highly profitable, booked revenue.”


"I Sold $250K in Luxury Offers within a Few Weeks of Starting."
I sold $250k almost immediatey. Now as a private client, I am confident that I'm going to create about 2 million next year and that's the safe bet. 

Before this, I was really challenged with not seeing how I could create the level of impact and support for others in a way that can be scalable. I had a great program, but the way I was operating it the effect of it would be lessened.  

I live my life for expansion and that's what I offer to my clients. So it only made sense to me that I would partner up with someone who also is for expansion and and taking things to the next to the next level.

If someone is on the fence about whether or not Business Bravery is for them, I really encourage them to look at who they are and who they see themselves becoming. If they see that they're on this trajectory of really being an innovator, a pioneer, a maverick and having a desire to create transformation, not only for their clients but also in our society, then show up here. The possibilities are endless.


Kathryn Porritt


Kathryn is known around the world as the leading Iconic Strategist to personal brands. She works privately with those destined for greatness to help them take their expertise and turn it into their Iconic Empire.

Following the successful sale of her multi-million dollar eCommerce company, she established Icons Incorporated to represent the world’s elite personal brands – with branding, representation services, commercialization strategies, big-deal PR, and speaking.

Through her work, she has created Icons, Iconic Empires, and Iconic Brands that you know and love. She works with a small group of hand-selected clients on their luxury branding and Iconic commercialization strategy; and through her programs, touches thousands of Iconic personal brands every day.

She is a hands-on investor in many of her client’s businesses, driving enormous change in the coaching, agency, and consulting industries with her unique business model.

Kathryn is a sought-after speaker and media commentator on luxury business, personal brands, marketing, and iconic businesses.
"I Sold a $400k Offer in Week One."
“I just want to share the HUGE breakthrough that happened today. I identified the perfect client. After some in depth discussions, she not only signed, but requested to INCREASE the commission to have me handle more parts of it. *Even being extremely conservative about projections*, this will be at least a 150k commission for me. More realistically - 400k plus. Now I can absolutely see exactly what my 1 million offer looks like. I am not even a week into working with this team. To say my world has changed is the ultimate understatement! I AM SO EXCITED! ❤ ❤ ❤”

Crystal... World Record Coach

"I'm Selling $50K Mastermind Places with Ease."
“I am packing for my vacation tomorrow! Taking a week off at the beach. Already had 2 clients saying yes to my 50K mastermind. Thank you for holding me accountable.”

Solera… Akashic Reader

"I Just Secured a $63 Million Deal."
“I’m in a “pinch me” moment. I have 3 Billionaires that I connected with and all agreed to work with me. 2 of the 3 Billionaires are now my “lines of credit” and will back me in all the deals I do (within the acquisition criteria @ least $20 Million!). Along with some other details, I am part of a $63 Million US dollar deal. Thank you to my 100K family!” 

Sophia… Real Estate Investor

"A Lead Role, $25K and $50K In One Week!"
“Just wanted to share some good news from all this work we are doing here. I just booked a lead role in another film and have an offer for a TV show as well, all on the same day! In the past two weeks after finishing "The Personal Style Guide" I've booked a new photo shoot, have gotten new headshot photos done, made a $25k offer and a $50k offer to two different clients and am being flown down to Miami to be a special guest at a magazine party. Thank you Kathryn Porritt, your team and everyone here who continues to inspire me which has helped create all this abundance!” 

Colin… Movie Star & Charisma Coach

"I Sold a $111K Pay in Full Offer"
“I had my first ever yes for a $111K pay in full. He's beyond excited and I sent him details of his bespoke transformational experience. This whole process to get to this point was incredibly liberating and I feel SO excited for all the other clients too as I know how to have DREAM transformational experiences for my clients.”

Stacey… Life Transformation Strategist

"I Signed My Dream Client for 5X My Old Prices"
“I had a huge win today! I renewed an existing client at 5 times what I used to charge him. When he makes his debut internationally later this year I will then have a validated $100k offer. Reflections for me on this have been by committing to be a part of the Iconic Personal Brand group shifted my focus back to where my passion lies - working with the best Talent in the World.” 

Gio... World-Class Sport Coach

"Find the Resources to Hire This Team NOW!"
“I'm an intellectual property and technology lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, but I'm also a business mentor and certified coach. I don't know a lot of lawyers who do what I'm doing, providing legal services to my clients in a way that also draws on my business expertise and coaching experience. Kathryn has used her unique genius to help me define and amplify my personal brand in strategic ways that felt totally authentic to me. She’s helping me leverage my talents to achieve at the highest level, and her entire team is packed with world-class experts who always go the extra mile for me. After just a few months of working with them, I can already see tons of amazing press and phenomenal results coming in. If you know you can achieve more but need support, do not hesitate; hire this team! They’re the best in the business.” 


This is REAL.  This is POSSIBLE.  
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